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A 21-year-old CEO fired 66% of managers on day 1. He’s grown the company from $4m to $200m in sales!

Ricardo Semler is a Brazilian businessman and majority owner of Semco, a Brazilian multimillion Dollar company. Semco was first owned by his father and Ricardo worked under him.

After frequent clashing about how to run the business, Ricardo threatened to leave the company. His father instead decided to step aside and let Ricardo run the company as he pleased.

On his first day on the job, Ricardo Semler fired 2/3rds of all top managers. He believes in a radical form of industrial democracy and a more participative system of business. Since he was 25 he has been inspired to want a greater work-life balance for him and his employees.

Through his leadership, the company expanded into many different industries and the revenues exploded: From $4 million in 1982 to $212 million in 2003.


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Polar bears are neat freaks!

If you live in constant freezing temperatures, like the polar bear does, you probably want to do the most you can to keep warm at all times, no? Well, turns out, for polar bears, this means that they need to be neat freaks.

Following mealtime, polar bears will spend 15-20 minutes obsessively grooming themselves. The reason for this is to make sure no dirt or residue is left on their fur that would interfere with it's insulating properties.


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Polar bear fur is transparent NOT white!

Polar bears have a really dense underfur covered by an outer layer of guard hairs, which appears to be tan, but in reality it is transparent. Why do they seem white then?

The hair is made of a thick, hollow core that reflects light. As the light bounces on the space between hair, white gets reflected back and that’s why it seems white. As the polar bear grows old, the fur tends to turn green due to algae growing inside the hairs.

Some scientists have proposed that their transparent fur helps them absorb light. However, new studies have shown that this is not the case. Their hair simply helps them blend in to their snowy environment, allowing them to catch prey more easily.


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The reason why there’s a documentary crew on The Office is due to an employee suicide!

The US version of The Office is one of the best known and critically acclaimed comedy shows in recent memory.

Although it's a remake of the British show of the same name, it has lasted for far many more episodes and seasons.

The big innovation that The Office had when it premiered is that it was filmed in the style of a documentary, something not many shows had done before.

Have you ever stopped to think why a film crew would hang around an office for so long?

In an episode called Performance Review, Michael reads old suggestions from a suggestion box. One of them said "We need better outreach for employees fighting depression – Tom." Michael thinks it's a fake suggestion because there's no one named Tom. He is then reminded that Tom had shot himself.

The writers of the show later suggested that Tom Peets was an employee that had killed himself and was the reason Ryan the temp was hired.

Additionally, the film crew came to document how they handled the death of their employee. After realizing that a documentary about every-day events at an office would be more interested, they decided to stay for longer.


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Magician Teller has no first name!

Teller, the mute half of the famous Penn & Teller duo is one of the most enigmatic figures in entertainment. Since 1981, he has performed alongside Penn Jilette as “Penn & Teller.”

One of his quirks is that he almost never speaks while performing. The reason for this is that while performing magic at college fraternities, he found that people wouldn’t throw beer or heckle him if he didn’t speak.

Another quirk is that he’s known only as Teller. This isn’t a stage name. He actually has legally changed his name and dropped his first and middle names (Raymond Joseph) and kept only his last name. It’s said that his Driver’s License reads “NFN” or No First Name on it.