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San Francisco is no longer the US's gayest city!

According to the US Census Bureau, the city of Seattle has overtaken San Francisco as the city with the highest concentration of gay couples.

2.6% of Seattle's households are gay couples (or 1 in 17), which barely edges out San Francisco at 2.5% in the study which considered the top 50 US cities by population.

The third is Minneapolis at 2.4%. According to the bureau, the reason Seattle beat out San Francisco is because there are many more lesbian couples in Seattle.

If you're curious, the bottom 3 are Colorado Springs (0.29%), Fort Worth (0.26%) and El Paso (0.25%)


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A man grew a nose on his forehead!

A 22-year-old Chinese man needed a new nose. Instead of a transplant, a surgeon built a new nose on his forehead.

The nose was built from cartilage taken from the man's ribs, then put under the skin of his forehead so it could grow before it gets placed in between his eyes.

The process of expanding the man's skin took three months. The surgeon compared his work to that of a carpenter, because he sculpted it three-dimensionally.

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A type of Sea Louse has an extra internal body clock!

Most animals (including humans) have an internal body clock that follows circadian rhythms of day and night. However, scientists have found that the speckled sea louse has an extra clock.

The louse has an extra internal clock for ocean tides. How did they find this? When they were removed from the sea and placed in a lab, they swam every 12.4 hours as if the tides were changing.

Scientists are excited because it's an entirely unexplored field of biological clocks. Check out the source for more info!


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There is some evidence that van Gogh did not commit suicide!

Vincent van Gogh is one of many notorious artists who fought mental issues and eventually committed suicide. However, some people believe that was not the case.

A couple of scholars published biography on van Gogh that theorizes he was actually the victim of either manslaughter or straight up murder.

They have a few pieces of evidence to back this up: The bullet went into his stomach at an oblique angle, not a straight one as might be expected. In private correspondence, van Gogh had also said he considered suicide sinful and immoral.

Furthermore, they claim that there was a businessman that confessed to shooting him. On his death bed, however, Van Gogh said "Do not accuse anyone... It is I who wanted to kill myself."

The authors of this theory think that he was trying to protect his killers. However, other prominent van Gogh scholars think that this theory isn't 100% convincing. Specifically, they claim that the businessman who confessed to shooting van Gogh was misinterpreted.

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Elephants are really scared of bees!

The cartoon portrayal of elephants as skittish and easily scared is actually pretty true. In fact, elephants are so scared of bees that they are used as biological barriers between wild elephants and humans.

Why would an elephant be so scared of a tiny bee? Apparently bees can get inside their trunks and sting them. Think about it, wouldn't you run from bees if they got in your nose all the time?

Bees are such a problem for elephants that they have even developed a special humming sound to warn each other about a potential bee infestation.