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According to Virgin Atlantic, 55% of people get emotional on planes!

If you've ever she'd a tear on an airplane and thought you were alone, then rest easy; you're not. A survey by Virgin Atlantic once found that 55% of their customers "experienced heightened emotions while flying."

Is there a particular reason why? Well, according to behavioral scientists, the most typical situations that induce crying are related to loss, separation or powerlessness.

When people go on planes, the plane trip often represents an ending, or a beginning of something. It could be a vacation or a whole new phase in life.

Powerlessness also plays in, because your life depends on the pilot. Furthermore, planes can be very lonely, especially if you're traveling alone.


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A man claims he has decoded a Nazi treasure map from a sheet of music!

Last December, the musical score to Gottfried Federlein's "March Impromptu" was posted online. It wasn't just an ordinary sheet of music, though.

Within it, Hitler's secretary encoded the location of a Nazi treasure: Diamonds and 100 gold bars. A Dutch journalist, Karl Hammer has spent months trying to figure it out and he thinks he has the answer.

The secretary added letters, figures and lyrics that give clues as to where the treasure is hidden. The clues all pointed to the town of Mittenwald.

There was a preliminary geophysical survey that revealed an anomaly in the earth. The next task is to excavate the location. However, Hammer says he'll need to bring experts in case the treasure is booby trapped. Maybe give Harrison Ford a call?


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500 years ago Leonardo built a mechanical lion that could even walk!

One of the most intriguing sketches found in Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks was of a 'robot lion.' He left nothing more than a rudimentary sketch that had puzzled art historians for hundreds of years.

It wasn't until recently, when a 66-year-old designer of automatons called Renato Boaretto decided to build it. He used the sketches, and contemporary accounts of the lion to figure out how Leonardo had built it.

Historians consider that Leonardo's invention was about 300 years ahead of it's time. If you wind it up, the lion can walk, twirl it's tail, rotate it's head and even display it's fangs all by itself!

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Corgis are excellent dogs for cow herding!

Corgis might be one of the cutest dog breeds around, but for centuries they were used for herding cattle. In fact, their small stature was bred into them for that purpose.

The dog's body was designed to be too low for a cow to kick. This made them more useful than a collie or a larger dog at driving cattle across long distances.

The remnants of this function can still be seen in corgis today. They have a natural instinct to chase other animals is pretty strong.

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SONY's most successful business is selling insurance!

The first thing you think of when you hear the word SONY is probably not financial services. They make the Walkman, the Playstation, TVs. You might even think of them as a movie studio.

However, not only do they sell insurance, it's also their most profitable division. They mostly operate in Japan and it represents about $9.07 billion in annual profit or just about 63% of their total profit.

The most recognizable part of the business, electronics, is actually not doing so well. Over the last ten years it's lost $8.5 billion and some investors are even asking for SONY to leave that behind.