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Are you an adrenaline junkie? Forget skydiving. You can hire a company to kidnap you!

For less than the equivalent of $1,600, you can pay French company Ultime Ralit to give you a basic abduction package.

The package includes you being taken by strangers, gagged and forced into a car, and kept in a dark cellar for 4 hours.

For an added fee, you can add boat chases or helicopter escapes to your abduction package. You can also stay in that dark cellar for longer—if you pay.

The company offers to get you with the sensations of violence and terror of a real kidnapping. If you dare, you will sign a contract and liability waiver. Once you sign it, you will have no idea when your kidnapping will take place.

The company follows you and abducts you at the right time. Some people have decided to use the service in order to tackle some of their greatest fears, for example, being buried alive.

While the service is not technically illegal, the police say authorities should be warned.

Would you ever consider being fake kidnapped like this?


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17. Y la de Ariel en Alyssa Milano.

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18. El Libro de La Selva fue la ultima pelicula que Walt Disney superviso personalmente. Salio unos 10 meses despues de su muerte.

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19. A Walt Disney le otorgaron un Oscar honorario por Blancanieves. El premio venia con 7 Oscars "enanitos."

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12. Flynn y Rapunzel atienden la coronacion de Elsa en Frozen.