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Are you an adrenaline junkie? Forget skydiving. You can hire a company to kidnap you!

For less than the equivalent of $1600, you can pay French company, Ultime Ralit to give you a basic abduction package.

The package includes you being taken by strangers, gagged and forced into a car and kept in a dark cellar for 4 hours.

For an added fee, you can add boat chases or helicopter escapes to your abduction package. You can also stay in that dark cellar for longer... If you pay.

The company offers to get you through real sensations of violence, terror and fear of a real kidnapping. If you dare, you will sign a contract and liability waiver. Once you sign it, you have no idea when your kidnapping will take place.

The company follows you and abducts you at the right time. Some people have decided to use the service in order to tackle some of their greatest fears. For example, being buried alive. While the service is not technically illegal, the police say authorities should be warned. Would you ever consider being fake kidnapped like this?


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This is the most mind-blowing thing you missed about Home Alone

Home Alone is one of the most famous Christmas movies of all time. Kevin's family leaves him at home while they go on a family trip. They forget him even though they do a couple of headcounts.

Why? Well, the stupid parents did a headcount using plane tickets. The only problem is that Kevin's dad throws his ticket away in the beginning of the movie! Check this out:

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Women are less likely to orgasm during casual sex!

No frills sex could also mean no thrills sex, especially for women. Even though recent research shows that women are nearly as likely as men to engage in casual sex, they are half as likely to achieve orgasm as men.

In a recent study conducted by Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, 600 female college students were interviewed about their sex lives.

The study found them to be half as likely to reach orgasm during a casual encounter as a serious relationship.

Another study at New York University analyzed the sex lives of 24,000 college students at 21 universities over a five-year period.

That one found that only 40% of women compared to 80% of men claimed to have had an orgasm during their last casual sexual encounter.

In contrast, 75% of women claimed to have had an orgasm the last time they had sex in a committed relationship.

It seems that the causation is being in a relationship, but click here for a discussion on what other factors could be responsible.


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Artificial Photosynthesis is a real thing and soon all buildings may have it!

You probably remember photosynthesis from grade school. It’s the process through which plants convert sunlight and CO2 into oxygen and carbohydrates.

There’s been a lot of research into how we can perform this process artificially. This would be great both in producing renewable energy and in reducing dangerous CO2 emissions.

Artificial photosynthesis will also have a big impact in that it won’t compete with the food supply for land. There’s a couple of visions for how we will achieve this at a grand scale.

The first is that we have large light capture facilities near the costs where plants can split sea water into hydrogen and oxygen.

The second is that every human structure in the planet (roads, vehicles and buildings) have a special ability to do photosynthesis.