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Huge breasts saved a woman from serving a 14-month prison sentence!

On November 6, 2008, a Japanese model who goes by the name of Serena Kozakura was sentenced to 14 months in prison for willful destruction of property.

She allegedly kicked a hole through the door and reentered her boyfriend's apartment following an argument with another woman she found there.

She appealed the sentence to the Tokyo High Court. During the appeal hearing, the man and another witness both testified to the woman's kicking and entering.

But the hole in the door measured 28.3 inches by 8.7 inches, which is way too small for Kozakura's famous 40-inch breasts to bust through.

In a country which is accustomed to a smaller build, Kozakura said after the ruling, "I was always worried about being a little fat, but this time I was glad. It was definitely my breasts that won for me today."


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The Wiggles created their finger pointing move to avoid charges of child molestation!

It's really hard to detach the actors of children's shows from the characters that they play.

Rather than actual people playing a role, it feels like we're watching a real-life broadcast from a topsy turvy parallel universe completely detached from our own.

However, the truth is that everyone from 'Blue's Clues' Steve to the Wiggles inhabits our society.

And in our society, when they're working with mostly children, adult actors have to be especially sure that they don't accidently do something that can get them slapped with law suits.

According to the "friendly pirate," played by Paul Paddick, none of the Wiggles ever physically touch the children on the show. When being photographed with children, they always use their "pointy fingers" pose so that it is clear exactly where their hands are—or rather, where they are not.

The Wiggles team insisted that touching children, however innocently, was inappropriate and open to the risk of litigation, considering the worth of the Wiggles brand. Besides, the Wiggles receive enough resentment from annoyed parents as it is.


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A woman tried to smuggle a live tiger cub through an airport!

In 2010, airport staff got suspicious at the X-ray image of a woman’s bag at Bangkok’s airport. When they opened said bag, they found a live tiger cub drugged and hidden among stuffed tiger toys.

The woman identified as Piyawan Palasarn and was looking at four years in prison and a $1,300 fine for two wildlife smuggling-related charges.

While officials were not completely sure, they inferred that the tiger cub was probably to be sold in the Iranian black market where exotic pets are very popular. Tiger populations throughout Asia “are critically threatened by poaching and trade to meet the international demand for tiger parts, tiger products, and live tigers.”

There have been proposals made to enforce sustained pressure and penalties on wildlife traffickers so that they think twice about sneaking in a living tiger in their check-in luggage.


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Some scientists claim that the ice age atmosphere was "warm!"

Researchers at the University of Birmingham recently dug up some interesting bits of our past. When studying limestone rocks, they found evidence that large amounts of greenhouse gas coincided with a prolonged period of freezing temperatures.

This suggests that 630 million years ago, the Earth had a warm atmosphere full of carbon dioxide but was completely covered with ice.

The university school of geography, earth, and environmental sciences warned that this could happen again if global warming is not curbed.

Dr. Ian Fairchild, the lead investigator, said: “We came up with an independent test of a theory that the earth, like a baked Alaska pudding, was once hot on the outside, surrounding a cold icy surface. It happened naturally in the past, but the use of the wrong technology could make it happen again.”


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Throughout history, there has been several "little ice ages!"

A “little ice age” was first recorded around 1300 and extends through the mid 1800s. It was the cold interval over the Northern Hemisphere for around 1000 years. It resulted in periodic plagues, famines, and natural diasters.

As there was relatively little pollution around at the time, the major cause may have been a drop in solar energy. Sunspot observations that began around 1610 show a near absence of reported sunspots between 1645 and 1715.

Like the medieval warm period, the little ice age appears to be prominent over the Northern Hemisphere’s continents. Some researchers even argue that both the mini warm and cold periods were primarily regional events, as opposed to the global-scale warming that is happening now.