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The Scottish parliament and Tourist Board once spent £125,000 coming up with the slogan "Welcome to Scotland!"

Long past are the days when governments can spend arbitrary amounts of money for irresponsible ends. Today, when a government spends tax-payers' money irresponsibly, there is usually quite a stir of criticism. When thinking about ridiculous wastes of money, perhaps nothing is more obvious, and hilarious, than Scotland's effort to create a new slogan.

The slogan of Scotland was, before 2007, the "Best Small Country In the World." While not particularly clever or catching, it seemed to ruffle a couple of feathers within the country. So much so, numerous petitions were signed and 125,000 pounds were given to the Tourist Board to create a new slogan. And what ingenious phrase did they think of? "Welcome to Scotland." Do you think its deserving of 125k pounds? Tell us in the comments!


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The area code 321 was given to Brevard County, Florida for a very specific reason!

Area codes may seem completely random, but some actually have meaning. While most are arbitrary numbers, the area code 321 is a reference to the Space Coast and the numerous spaceships that have been launched from the area!

Located in Brevard County, Florida, the area code 321 moved from suburban Chicago because of a successful petition by Robert Osband. Osband hoped to commemorate the many launches and the impact of the Space Coast on Brevard County. The three digits are a reference to the countdown before launch!


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Some of the most effective weapons against war elephants were pigs. on fire. Learn why.

When we think about large-scale warfare we usually don't consider ancient times. However, the size of battles during Roman times was never reached again until the nineteenth century!

In the First Punic War Rome lost over 100,000 men in a single day! With all of these men, however, just a handful of elephants could completely change the tide of battle.

Most famously, Hannibal led elephants over the Alps and wreaked havoc on Rome. So how did they combat these gigantic animals?

Funnily, pigs were the best defense! Well, flaming pigs to be precise. It turns out elephants are terrified of fire. The squealing of pigs also seems to disgruntle them.

Ancients realized this and thought they might as well throw the two together. So they would cover pigs in tar, light them on fire, and wait for the elephants to charge. When the elephants got near they would be terrified, break rank, and run!


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This entire country is rapidly sinking!

Kiribati, one of the smallest independent nations in the world, is located in the central tropical Pacific Ocean and has a population of just over 100,000 people.

Unlike continental countries, Kiribati is composed of 32 atolls, or ring shaped coral reefs. Because of climate change and the composition of the islands, as waters rise they are slowly disappearing into the ocean.

It is projected to be the first country to lose all of it's land to global climate change! Since 2008 the government has made efforts to preserve it's land, which haven’t been very successful, and evacuate it's citizens.

The president has beggied New Zealand and Australia to grant asylum to refugees. Kiribati has even begun purchasing land in other countries to move citizens to, most notably in parts of Fiji.

For those that claim reports are overblown, President Anote Tong has said, “To plan for the day when you no longer have a country is indeed painful but I think we have to do that.”


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Worried about all- out Nuclear War? Go to Switzerland. This is why.

If there ever was a nuclear explosion or apocalypse have you ever wondered where you’d be most safe? It’s actually in Switzerland!

The Swiss have more fallout shelters than any other country compared to it's population. In 2006 there were 300,000 shelters in Switzerland for about 8.6 million individuals.

That equates to about 114% coverage, or more than the entire population! Sweden and Finland come in second and third, but even they don’t come close to Switzerland with only 81 and 70 percent respectively. So why are there so many shelters?

It’s actually a law! Every person in Switzerland must be able to reach a protected place in case of an emergency.

In addition, apartment block owners are required to build them for every new dwelling! It looks like the Swiss are either extremely responsible or extremely paranoid!