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The North Star is not the brightest star in the sky!

In fact it’s a star called Sirius, which is twenty times brighter than our sun and twice as massive! Sirius is part of the constellation Canis Majoris and is 8.7 light years away. It’s actually much closer than the North Star, which is close to 430 light years away.

Sirius was not discovered and named until 1862, yet for thousands of years it has been venerated by the Dogon Tribe in Mali. They believe that aliens have come from the star, and still worship it for its brightness!


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Today marks the one year anniversary of Rebecca Black's "Friday"

Whatever you may think of the song, we think that the phenomenon surrounding Rebecca Black is one of the interesting effects that the Internet has had on media.

Never before in history was it so (relatively) easy for someone to spring into fame and infamy from what was basically a home video. In the past, Rebecca's Friday probably wouldn't have made it past a family's private VCR collection.

So yes, I'm looking forward to reading your comments about how no one cares and how we must be running out of facts to post. We at Spartz Media owe a lot of our success to social media, so I thought that this was a good stopping point to think about the good (and bad) effects of Internet fame that social networks have in our lives today.


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Having sweets in the morning can help you LOSE weight

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have found that having sweet foods in the morning can actually help you lose weight. 

Why? The reason behind it is because they have found that our metabolism is most active in the mornings. This means that you can burn off the calories throughout the day.

You might ask... wouldn't it be better to just not eat sweets at all and save the calories? Ideally yes. However for most people, denying themselves sweets creates cravings that are difficult to control. Adding just a little bit of sweets in the morning helped control the cravings.

Their findings found that people who added dessert to their breakfast (like cookies, cake or chocolate) lost an average of 40lbs more than the group that didn't avoid it.


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