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‘The Game’ was invented in 1976 by members of the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society!

We're sorry to make you lose the game so you can learn about where it started. The Game is one of the simplest distortions of game logic ever invented. Simply thinking about The Game causes one to lose. Due to the futility of The Game and the inevitable loss, The Game can be seen as a statement of the human condition.

The Game results in a double negative, where by trying to not do something one ends up doing exactly the thing they were trying not to do. It came about through discussions by the Cambridge University Science Fiction Society on game theory. This information is from The Game's official site, but take it with a grain of salt.

  • It seems to have started as a variation of a Tolstoy passage where he describes someone tasked with someone not thinking about a white bear
  • Then came another one called "Finchley Center," in which two people name London Underground stations. The winner of the game is whoever says Finchley Center first. Doesn't make much sense right? 
  • In 1976, a variant was created in which the first person to think of Finchley Center loses. This is the first official variant of The Game.
  • The Game later made an appearance in a 2002 blog by Paul Taylor of West Midland. Once it made it onto the Internet, the simplicity of its concept and execution made it really viral and took the life it has today.

Check out the official website for The Game (source 1) that gives you tons of time wasters so you can avoid thinking about The Game

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The top 5 reasons why it sucks to be young in America right now.

We've teamed up with the Young Entrepreneur Council to help bring awareness to their campaign #FixYoungAmerica. Because right now, the economic situation has made it really difficult for young people in America to prosper. The campaign wants to harness all the creativity you have as a young person and help increase opportunity for young people.  

1. Unemployment is hitting you especially hard. 

Young people between the ages of 18-24 are suffering from a 60-year low unemployment rate. Only 54.3% of people that age range are employed. That is the lowest level since the government started tracking this data in 1948. 

2. Those of you who do get jobs, have to get them for the wrong reasons. 

Half of the young people surveyed said that they took a job they didn't want to just to pay the bills. 24% of them also said that they took unpaid jobs just to be able to gain experience. Underemployment has become a huge issue with young people. 

3. You're quitting on the job market and racking up your debt.

More than 35% of people are going back to school due to the economy. This has contributed to student loans exceeding credit card debt in America. Student debt is approaching $1 trillion. 

4. You're moving back with your parents, and having to delay having your own family!

25 % of young people moved back in with their parents, AFTER they were already living on their own. Even worse, 31% of young americans were postponing getting married or having a baby, due to the bad economic circumstances. 

5. You want to start your own business, but you're not getting help.

The YEC and Buzz Marketing Group's 2011 annual survey found that 88% of young people thought entrepreneurship is important. That is reflected in the fact that 33% of people were self-employed, up from 26% in 2010. However, only 26% of you got any classes on entrepreneurship. Even among those who did take entrepreneurship, 72% of you thought they were insufficient. 

So what can you do? Go to the campaign's website and tweet "Help @TheYEC #FixYoungAmerica:" to help promote the Young Entrepreneur Council's campaign. There's a lot of energy and creativity in America's youth and you can make a difference! 

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Meme Monday: Bad Joke Eel

Someone made the observation that eels always look like they just told you a bad joke, and they're just waiting for you to respond. The pairing of bad jokes + this picture struck instant gold on the Internet. This meme experienced one of the fastest growths we've seen in the number of images that popped up everywhere on the Internet. He's now joining the Memestache family.

He didn't come without any controversy though... a lot of people have said that Bad Joke Eel is just trying to zap Lame Pun Coon into oblivion. We think that there is a lot of overlap but they can live together without eating at each other's jokes too much. Here's some of our favorite examples of Bad Joke Eel. You can now make your own, so go and tickle our (un)funny bones with your submissions.

UPDATE: We just received word that Lame Pun Coon wants to address the controversy regarding Bad Joke Eel's arrival. Here's the statement: