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At the Vietnam Memorial Wall, M.I.A. soldiers are marked with a cross by their names, and if they are found, a circle is circumscribed around the cross. To this day, the memorial has no circles.


The Vietnam War (or Vietnam Conflict, as it’s called now) was a pretty nasty issue that divided the United States in half. Though it’s now been over for decades, it’s still very often reflected on as a grisly piece of American history. The Memorial Wall dedicated to those who died in Vietnam sits in Washington DC. The names of all who died are etched into it.

The memorial is made of a very reflective kind of stone, so that when someone looks at it, his or her reflection can be seen too. The point of this is to “symbolically bring the past and present together.” In total, there are 58,264 men and 8 women whose names are inscribed on the wall. In addition to the names of those Killed in Action, there are names of those Missing in Action. About 1,200 are MIA, which is denoted with a cross. The confirmed dead are marked with a diamond.

If someone MIA is found alive, a circle is drawn around the cross, but this has never happened. If a death of a person previously thought MIA is proven, a diamond is superimposed over the cross. (Source)

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Carrots haven’t been orange for that long!


Before the 17th century rolled in, almost all carrots cultivated were purple! The modern day orange carrot wasn’t even cultivated until Dutch growers in the late 16th century took mutant strains of the purple carrot, including yellow and white carrots (mutated versions of the regular purple carrot) and gradually developed them into the orange variety we have today.

It is believed that this strange desire to change the color of a vegetable was brought about the fact that the emblem of the House of Carrots was also orange. So, the orange carrot became popular in the Netherlands because it represented the struggle for Dutch independence.

It is more likely however, that the success of orange carrots had to the fact the orange carrots that the Dutch developed were sweeter and more fleshy than the purple ones.


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What has happened to my childhood?