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Super Mario Brother 3 Never Really Happened!

The prior game Super Mario Bros 2 (USA version) was all a dream. It also seems that the 3rd game in the series might have been all a stage play! Check out the image below. Some say it's speculation but we're convinced. What do you think?

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Facebook - How to confuse an idiot.

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The U.S. was fined for littering when the Skylab space station crashed to Earth.

The local government of the Shire of Esperance in Australia fined the government of the United States for a total of $400 after debris from the falling station landed in their jurisdiction in 1979. The fee went unpaid for 30 years! An American radio DJ named Scott Barley started a campaign to raise money to pay his country’s fine, and the debt was paid off in 2009.

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Most of the "smoke" you see when a space shuttle takes off is actually water vapor.

In fact, that exhaust you see coming out of the shuttle is made of 97% water vapor.

Scientists found out that a certain kind of mysterious glowing cloud formations are actually caused by the water vapor in the shuttles’ exhaust.

About half of the vapor from the exhaust is injected tothe thermosphere, where it travels to the arctic, freezes, and turns into noctilucent clouds.


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Blame Ross - iphone 5 delayed again?