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Push It Somewhere Else Patrick - we should take ross

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The very first OMG Facts Game is now on sale!

***Special Holiday Sale 60% OFF!***

To celebrate this time of year we've decided to give you guys a treat! Through December 31st, the OMG Facts Puzzle Game iPad version will be at a 60% discount! That's only $1.99! If you want the PC version, that has a 70% discount and it's available at $2.99! What are you waiting for? Get it now!

We're happy to announce that OMG Facts Puzzle Game has been released and is available for purchase. The Puzzle Game is available on the iPad, for PC, and coming soon in book form. There is a FREE lite version and a full paid version for $1.99. Both are available for purchase in the iTunes App store. The PC version is available here.


                                 Full Game ($1.99)                       Lite (Free)

So what is this brand new awesome game? Let me explain…

What would happen if you fused a crossword and a word search and combined that with mind blowing facts? You’d get OMG Facts Puzzle Game – a completely unique and addictive word puzzle game. A new type of game that challenges your analytical word powers to the max! Each puzzle challenges you to unlock an amazing fill-in-the-blank fact that’ll blow your mind. With over 50 hand built, brain tickling puzzles inside, hours and hours of fun await you. Go here to learn more and watch a demo video. 

Download It Now:

LITE version for iPad
Premium version for iPad
LITE version for PC (Direct Download)
Premium version for PC 

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In 25 years there has only been ONE sequel to the original Legend of Zelda!

That is, to the original NES game from 1987. after the original was a huge hit, the sequel "Zelda II: The Adventure of Link" was released shortly after.

Since then, every Legend of Zelda game has been a prequel to the original NES game! The Super NES game A Link to the Past was a prequel to the NES game, and the critically acclaimed Ocarina of Time was a prequel to the SNES game. 

The actual timeline of the Legend of Zelda is a heated internet debate and where each game is placed in the timeline is nearly impossible to determine. It is said that there is a secret Nintendo document that shows how each game fits in an overarching story, but they have chosen not to release it because they don't want to lose flexibility for future games.

If you have a few hours to spare, just google "Zelda Timeline" and see for yourself. This goes to a graphic showing one of the least controversial timelines around.