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Be careful with hickeys. This woman got paralyzed by one

The 44-year-old New Zealander went to the emergency room of her local hospital after losing movement in her left arm while watching TV.

Doctors concluded the loss of the movement was caused by a stroke, but were baffled about its cause until they noticed a love bite on the woman's neck.

Incurred a few days prior, bruising from the hickey had caused a blood clot in the artery directly below the woman's skin.

This clot dislodged itself and traveled to her heart, causing the minor stroke! The woman eventually experienced a full recovery after being given an anti-coagulant to break up the clot.


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If you lived here, you would have to wear a gas mask when you were outside

It's a set of volcanic islands called Izu Islands, off of Japan that have so much sulfur that its residents must wear gas masks outside.

In early 2000, the islands were evacuated due to a volcano emiting dangerous gasses.

In 2005, people were allowed to go back, but they were required to keep a gas mask with them at all times.

Scientists are on the volcanic islands to conduct experiments on the deteriorating land and atmosphere.

Those who live there have to wear gas masks for most of the day. So, either steer clear of the Izu Islands or bring a gas mask!

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California once passed a law to sterilize people against their will. The number was astonishing

The "Asexualization Act" of 1909 and its sibling follow-up acts of 1913 and 1917 gave the go-ahead for California to sterilize more than 20,000 men and women against their will.

These decisions were made, or backed, by a board that at one point was aptly named the "State Commission in Lunacy."

Officially, the majority of the people sterilized were diagnosed as being "mentally ill" or "mentally deficient," or possessing "feeblemindedness."

African-Americans and people of Mexican origin underwent forced sterilizations to a disproportionately greater degree than each group's per capita population would suggest.

The reasons California did this were pretty ridiculous. Essentially, the state thought they were too drunk, too poor, or too promiscuous. Even more shocking, you could get fixed if they thought your parents were either of those things!


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You don't believe in Slenderman?

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