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In all her music, Nicki Minaj says her name 183 times!

One of the smarter things that rappers have begun doing in their songs (or the songs they're featured in) is repeating their name. Consider Nicki Minaj. If you’ve heard much of her music, it might ring a bell that occasionally she references herself or outright says her own name in the middle of her songs. 

But the reality is that throughout all the music she’s made and been featured in, she’s said her own name (or the person she’s singing with has said it) a total of 183 times. In nearly all of these occasions, it’s actually her saying her own name. 

In her first album, Pink Friday, her name is said 25 times, counting all versions of the album as well as bonus tracks. If the bonus tracks, iTunes exclusives, etc. are cut out leaving only the core album, the number drops to 18. But considering all of the songs are hers, it’s fair to put the number at 25. 

Her second album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, featured much more music with fewer mentions of her name. With all the tracks on every version of the album, the number of mentions is 24- but that includes the press conference included in the iTunes version, which clearly isn’t a song. Therefore, the number drops to 20, giving a total of 45 mentions. 

If you just count her two primary albums, the number stops at a still impressive 45 mentions. But as you may know, Nicki Minaj is highly prolific in appearances in other artists’ music. When her various appearances in the works of other artists are included, the number rises to 77 mentions. 

If you go back to Nicki Minaj’s mix tapes, it becomes clear that she used to advertise herself far more than she does today. When her three mix tapes are included, the number goes all the way to 183. It's probably safe to say Nicki Minaj has done plenty of self promotion. 

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If you could take all the empty space out of your atoms, the entire human race would be sugar-cube sized!

Atoms have a ton of empty space in them. Many drawings of atoms are highly inaccurate because they don’t account for all the empty space in an atom. The empty space covers the majority of the size of an atom with just a small nucleus and some electrons moving around the mostly empty space. 

If an atom is the whole solar system, the sun would be the nucleus and the planets would be the electrons. In between the planets and sun, there is a ton of empty space! 

Here are some other crazy facts about the universe: 

  • If the sun were made up of bananas it wouldn’t be all that different. It would still be extremely hot! The reason for the heat of the sun has to do with its mass more so than its material. Therefore, the sun could be made up of many different substances, like, for example, bananas. 
  • 98% of the universe is invisible! What this means is that the majority of the universe is made up of dark matter, which we know exists because of the effect its gravity has on visible matter. 


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In 1997 dividing by 0 incapacitated a United States warship.

Dividing by 0 is usually not a good thing. It's a mathematical impossibility that always results in errors, especially with computers and calculators. Windows hasn't exactly had a good reputation for reliability either. 

 In 1997, both are to blame for incapacitating the USS Yorktown. During that time, Microsoft was still touting the success of their Windows NT operating system over Unix based system. There was so much confidence in Windows NT due to how much more user-friendly it was than Unix that a handful of "smart ships" were built for the US Navy. 

Basically, they were ships that ran on Windows. If this makes you cringe, you're on the right track. A system failure on the USS Yorktown occurred when bad data were fed into an application running on of the computers. 

The data contained a zero where it shouldn't have been, which caused the software to try and divide by zero. A buffer overrun occurred, and the entire network crashed, causing the ship to lose control of its propulsion system for two hours and forty five minutes. 

Nevertheless, The USS Yorktown continued to use Windows NT. It had to be towed to port several times. 



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