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Page 10 - Ancient Aliens

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Meme Monday! Ancient Aliens

"I don't know, therefore aliens."

That sentence sums up what this meme is all about. The image is from a History Channel show called "Ancient Aliens." The show is a sensationalistic and farfetched look at alien visitation throughout the course of human history. Giorgio Tsoukalos is the show's producer, director, talent and the face of this meme. 
Giorgio become infamous for suggesting that aliens have had a hand in pretty much every aspect of human development. This goes as far as saying that at some point, aliens mated with early humans, and that we're all human / alien hybrids. 
Here's some of the crazier quotes that this guy has had in his show.
How to use this meme correctly? Most of the examples revolve about something strange or weird happening, and the only 'logical' explanation for it is aliens. You can also use it to point out stupidity, or laziness in attempting to understand something. See below for some examples.


BONUS: This dude has some pretty awesome hair. Check out how it's changed through the years. How's it changed so much? Aliens.

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