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Hipster Barista

Hipster Barista: He's better than you. He'll show you why after he's done brewing your latte
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Meme Monday: Hipster Barista

Happy Meme Monday! This week is Hipster Barista. If you are easily offended by hipster jokes you probably won't like this meme; you may also be a hipster and take it way too seriously. This is a fairly new meme; it was first seen on Aug 24th 2011. The person in the picture is Dustan Mattson, and he is actually a barista and placed 27th in the US Barista championship in 2010. Way to go!

So the meme is usually some sort of joke about hipsters and coffee over the image of our friend Dustan here. This is a fun meme. Here are some examples:



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