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Clutch Cole

Clutch Cole: Saving the day at just the right time.
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Meme Monday - Clutch Cole!

As the launch of Gears of War Judgement Day approaches we are here to introduce another Gears of War meme.

You've already met Badass Baird and we've loved what you've done with the meme so we are introducing Clutch Cole: Augustus Cole--always there with the catch-phrase and the win.

Augustus Cole is Damen Baird's best friend. He loyally follows Baird and always has his back.

A once famous Thrasher Ball (football) player, his attitude is always in it to win it, and he seems to always be there with the key moves. Baird can depend on Cole, making him a key member to the team.

This meme focuses on times throughout the game when Cole helps out the team, saves the day, and makes a clutch move while always also having something great to say.

Clutch Cole has passion, fight, and always something to say and this meme encompasses that. Here are some examples:

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