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Page 42 - Memes

Hey Guys, 

Do you like memes?

Then you'll be very excited to hear about High School Memes, our newest site! 

In it, you can create Advice Animal Memes that are specific to YOUR High School. The kinds of inside jokes only you and your friends would get.  The cool thing about it is that your school will get a personalized page, so all the jokes about your school will stay in one place. 

If you're the first of your friends to get to it, you can even claim a spot as the founder of your high school's page!

Here are a few examples from the site:


These don't make much sense though do they? It's because they're not about your high school. Y U NO go make some about your high school now and share with your classmates?


-The Spartz Media Community Team 

Scientists were able to bring DEAD dogs back to LIFE!

Memes -
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Some awesome lists!
Memes -
Add your name and location!
Add your name and location!

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