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17 Strangely Interesting Memes
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Meme Monday: Insanity Puppy

Not excited for meme monday? Well, you should be. Insanity Puppy would not be happy with any other answer. Before I fully introduce this weeks meme I want to say that I LOVE SIBERIAN HUSKIES. They are the cutest little puppies ever! Okay--now that my freak out is done, onto MEME MONDAY.

Insanity Puppy is joining the crew. He might be cutest but doesn't mean he is the nicest. Insanity puppy consists of two elements. Usually the first text is something fairly calm, or a question, the second set of text is an insane over the top reaction. The meme is fairly new, making it big in 2011. We welcome Insanity Puppy with open arms in fear of the outcome of not accepting him that way.

Here are some of our favorites:

Everyone, welcome the pup and submit your own!


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