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17 Amazing Memes
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Meme Monday: First Day on the Internet Kid

Remember the first time you went online? FREE IPOD IF I CLICK THERE?! Wow! Or remember when you thought absolutely everything could be a virus? Looking back it's comedic, and that is why we have brought you this meme: First Day on the Internet Kid.

This is a relatively new meme, making it big only a month ago. The meme consists basically of what someone would think or say the first time they got on the internet.

Before officially welcoming this meme onto Memestache I will of course share some favorites:

So very appropriate for our sites:

We LOVE this one and are excited it is officially part of Memestache! Have fun with it!

BTW we LOVE all the Push it Somewhere Else Patricks we have been getting.

~Eliscia and Jose

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