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17 Strangely Entertaining Memes
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Meme Monday: Bad Joke Eel

Someone made the observation that eels always look like they just told you a bad joke, and they're just waiting for you to respond. The pairing of bad jokes + this picture struck instant gold on the Internet. This meme experienced one of the fastest growths we've seen in the number of images that popped up everywhere on the Internet. He's now joining the Memestache family.

He didn't come without any controversy though... a lot of people have said that Bad Joke Eel is just trying to zap Lame Pun Coon into oblivion. We think that there is a lot of overlap but they can live together without eating at each other's jokes too much. Here's some of our favorite examples of Bad Joke Eel. You can now make your own, so go and tickle our (un)funny bones with your submissions.

UPDATE: We just received word that Lame Pun Coon wants to address the controversy regarding Bad Joke Eel's arrival. Here's the statement:

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