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17 Totally Awesome Memes
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Meme Monday: Annoying Childhood Friend

I love this meme!! This might be one of my favorites that we have introduced. The newest addition to Memestache is Annoying Childhood Friend.

You can't deny that sometime in your childhood you had a friend just as annoying. I think everyone can think of a story that involved "that friend" who you never really liked, but you kept hanging out with.

If you can't remember a friend like that, I think you will still enjoy the meme.

This meme became big in August of 2011. It spread quickly, slowed down a little, and now it's back! The meme is of this little boy, with text describing something that bratty little friend of yours would do or say.

Here are some favorites:

Reach into your own childhood memories to make these!! I bet we will get a ton of good ones.

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