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Meme Monday: Advice Peeta

Aw, Peeta, the young baker's son who falls for the girl from the seam. Confused? That means you NEED to read The Hunger Games.

This week's Meme Monday is Advice Peeta. In honor of The Hunger Games coming out this weekend, we have chosen a very appropriate meme. Advice Peeta is a meme that pokes fun at Peeta Mellark, the boy with the bread. I don't want to give away too much of the book in explaining this meme, so here is all the info I'm going to give:

  1. Peeta is the son of a baker
  2. He loves bread (om, nom nom nom)
  3. He loves Katniss (strong female lead)
  4. He's not the best equipped to spend time in the wilderness fighting for his life.

With that I have picked a couple of my favorites:

If you have read the book you will love these. If not, take my advice and READ THE BOOK (or see the movie which comes out Thursday at midnight)!

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